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Let’s Read Some Shit

I've read the prologue to Game of Thrones a few times now. The opening is beautiful and terrifying at the same time and really sets the tone for what's to come. I've read the A Song of Ice and Fire... Continue Reading →


Doing The Books

  Which means what? Well getting my affairs in order like I mentioned in my previous blog. Developing some sense of pride in having determination to move my life forward. Taking my own advice for once. The first item on... Continue Reading →

Everything and Nothing and Everything

Day 0 It's a little weird. I've always wanted to do something like this but often found myself going "Who would care?"... and that felt like it missed the point, not to mention robbed me of any motivation to do... Continue Reading →

Repost: Friendship Breakups

So I want to start with this video — if I can find it — and then go from there..   So I really had to stop and listen to this video because initially it was posted as a sub-facebook... Continue Reading →

The Juggling Act of Depression

I didn't forget about this blog. In fact, quite the opposite. I've been doing the depression juggling act. A perpetual dance of procrastination, and powering through projects until you're spent. Hiding out in bed on your days off from the... Continue Reading →

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