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The Juggling Act of Depression

I didn't forget about this blog. In fact, quite the opposite. I've been doing the depression juggling act. A perpetual dance of procrastination, and powering through projects until you're spent. Hiding out in bed on your days off from the... Continue Reading →

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Repost: Friendship Breakups

So I want to start with this video — if I can find it — and then go from there..   So I really had to stop and listen to this video because initially it was posted as a sub-facebook... Continue Reading →

Plain as Day.

Some days stick with you for a while. Usually the bad ones stick with you harder than the good ones which seem to become distant memories much faster. But there are days that make you wake up and your stomach... Continue Reading →

Repost Thursday: “Time To Get Real About The Zola Story”

Throwback time -- pulling from my archives. There’s a lot not being said in the coverage of the Zola epic. Nuance being eschewed in favour of hand-wringing and this unmistakable saviour complex. The redundancy of repeating “this is terrible and... Continue Reading →

“How To Murder Your Life” Review

I started a reading challenge, fifty books in a year's time. I started at the beginning of Feb. Again -- not big on resolutions. But I wanted to read more, and watch less shit that was making me neurotic and... Continue Reading →

On A Clear Day You Can See Tomorrow

 ... at least that's what line I like to quote from Jawbreaker. It rings pretty true though, on some of my clearer days. The fog of depression can be thick and choke the light from almost any room. I've sat... Continue Reading →

Optimism in the Face of … Uncertainty.

Optimism in the Face of … Uncertainty. Optimism ... it ebbs and flows but it is there if you allow it to be. Through the depressive fog there is still a lone lighthouse of optimism, and hope burns bright. I’m... Continue Reading →

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